Microlancer.io Lightning Network Freelance Platform

This burned out freelance writer has been trying to get a hold of his anonyboss for the better part of the last 2 weeks.

This is the state of the blockchain economy during the Crypto Winter.

But enough of that.

Microlancer - Earn Bitcoin by fulfilling microtasks

Microlancer.io is a lightning network enabled crypto-freelancing platform launched sometime in 2018. It used to be known as ask-for.bitcoin.com.

The young startup is the brainchild of Thorie, a hardworking and nice developer who's doing an amazing job launching the platform, as far as I know, by himself.

Think freelancer.com or Amazon's Mechanical Turks but powered by the Lightning Network. This makes "microtasks" doable and payable on a smaller scale. If you just want to pay somebody for instance to do something that could be done in 5 seconds, then this is your platform.


Hold on a sec, what's a "lightning network"?
By now, you would have known about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Think of the lightning network as the icing on the Bitcoin cake.

Have your Bitcoin Cake and Eat it!
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Without going into the technical details, the Lightning Network uses the smart contract functionality of a blockchain (mainly Bitcoins) to enable fast, secure and low fee payments. 
  • Lightning fast blockchain payments without worrying about block confirmation times
  • Transactions are off-chain for individual transactions
  • Payment times are counted in milliseconds or seconds and not days!
  • Extremely low fees
Find out more at https://lightning.network/

A Lightning Network Gambling Story
Warning: Not Safe for Your Satoshi Content Follows

I'm not a gambler. Yes, really. 

But one of the tasks I saw today on microlancer captured my interest. 

  0.0125 mBTC  · 6 offers  · 1 week ago by globala 
So I clicked it. Lo and behold, as bits and bytes traveled through the ethernet, I am brought to a plain looking and innocuous portal. 


"What harm could a little green button do?" you may be asking. 

So, I signed up with the moniker of writer777. I got my hash. Kept it. Then I clicked the Play button. 

Alas, the coin was flipped. In 5...4...3...

Oh the thrill...

So, I turned my 18,000+ satoshis into 23,000 satoshis. I better leave!